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I will try and be as concise as I can with my posts. Many of you are busy and don't have time to read a lot so I'll do my best to include the highlights with the important details. If you want to know more about something let me know, leave a comment below, I'll do my best to fill you in!


These past few days have been crazy, they're all muddled up in my head. SO MUCH SPANISH. I arrived Thursday morning after traveling for about 25 hours. The three plane trips were fine, but I wish I would have slept more on the plane from Miami to BA. I sat next to a very nice women from BA who has a cousin in Mendoza and she wrote down his number and the address of his church! What a Godsend! I hadn't even arrived and I already had another contact. Getting through the airport in BA was very simple and easy. We, the other students on the trip, drove to the hotel in BA and had some time to rest and then ate lunch and had free time. We walked around the city. BA is like any other city, with many buildings, some tall, some not as tall, but the interesting thing is that there are trees and plants and parks everywhere! It's a very green city. We toured the city in the mornings and would have orientation in the evening. We ate all our meals together, sharing a smattering of the types of food. At every meal we would have bread and some sort of appetizer with a main dish. Bread, pizza, fries, flan with dulce de leche. Bread, salad, a thick potato and cheese tortilla, fired calamari rings, meat, tiramisu with dulce de leche. Our last day in BA we were near the Rio de Plata and had lunch at a restaurant on the water. It was so beautiful! It was a perfect day and after lunch, before dessert, we sat on the retaining wall and played games. We looked like a bunch of crazy american people, but then again we looked like this all the time! I got really burnt on that day, which was the same day we flew to Mendoza and everyone I met kept saying how burnt I was.

My anfitronia, Alicia, my host mom, is very nice and whenever I meet someone new she tells them to speak slower for me to understand. It's still very difficult for me. During meals sometimes I can hardly understand what they're saying because they talk so quickly and their words blend together. Alicia and one of her friends picked me up at the airport and we had dinner together. Then we visited her friends, Carlos and his wife and their sons family, whom she calls family. They were very nice and loud and it was entertaining to see them all together. There was an 11 year old girl who helped me understand when the adults talked too fast. They fed me champaign and what they call a bon bon which is ice cream with a hard shell of chocolate around it. so good! Everyone stays up so late here, we didn't go home until 12am and I didn't go to bed until 1am. 

This morning we went to the panaderia, the bread shop where they buy bread and sweat treats like crescent rolls filled with dulce de leche and ones covered in chocolate. We brought some over to Carlos' house and stayed until we went home to begin preparing lunch, which we ate with her brothers kids. they're about my age and very difficult to understand. They talked with Alicia most of the time, but then we talked and it was a difficult conversation. I kept having to ask them to repeat themselves. I don't talk much because whenever I finally comprehend what they've said and formulated a response they've already moved on to a different subject. Every time I try and speak I get tongue tied and all the spanish that i know leaves my head and whatever I say comes out sounding stupid. It's all very shocking. It can only get easier though right? 

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