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Welcome to the Amazon Jungle!!!!!!! (Peru Program)

We are back from the Amazon jungle where we had an amazing time! Our year students get to go to the Amazon rainforest during their second semester in Peru. We stay in a lodge, an hour away by boat from the city of Iquitos, without electricity, cellphones or internet, just enjoying nature!

A picture of the group with Jhonny (yes, spelled like that), our very entertaining local guide in the lodge.

Some of the amazing things we do during our four day/three night trip are: visit a shaman to learn about traditional medicine, walk through primary jungle and see wild animals...

Visit the Yagua tribe. The elders show us their traditions and we buy some souvenirs from them. The Yaguas are only one of the many tribes you can find in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest.

Fishing piranas!!!! We stop a moment to fish some of them instead of them eating us, ha, ha, ha. Well, this time I got one and none of the students did. I saved the group's honor but asked Jhonny to return it to the river, which he did. :) We also stopped to watch pink dolphins (only found in the Amazon river), we could not take pictures of them since they were pretty fast but needless to say, they are incredible.

Visit an animal sanctuary. We visit a shelter where students can touch and interact with different types of animals.

Night walks in the jungle. We walk through the jungle at night to see tarantulas and other night creatures. After the walk, Jhonny tells us creepy jungle stories of spirits and ghosts that do not help with going to sleep afterwards!!

Swim in the Amazon river. After all the great things we do, we deserve to dive into the longest river in the world. One of the 100 must things to do during your life.

This is only one of the amazing things you can do if you come to Peru!!!

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