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visiting Pachacamac, a ceremonial center 2,000 years old (Peru)

This past Saturday, we went to the Pachacamac ruins. A pre-Inca religious center, an hour away from Miraflores (the neighborhood where most of the group live).

This center was visited by pilgrims for more than 1,500 years until the arrival of the Spaniards. Here are the girls in front of the Aclla Wasi or "house of the chosen women" who were virgins destined to either be sacrificed to the gods, marry the Inca or marry an important person to benefit the Inca's political relations. I am in the picture as the Mamacona, or the woman in charge of taking care of the chosen women

We went the top of the temple of the Sun that overlooks the Lurin valley and the Pacific Ocean. Terrific!!!

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