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Visiting El Carmen, an Afro-Peruvian town in Ica, Peru

This past weekend, we had one of the three trips students do while in the Peru program: the trip to El Carmen, an Afro-Peruvian town. We left on Friday and arrived late in the afternoon to El Carmen, an Afro-Peruvian town in Ica, a province of Peru, 4 hours south of Lima. Click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.

Saturday morning, Carlos Lopez, the director of Cimarrones, an NGO that works with the Afro-Peruvian communities, explained us about Afro-Peruvian culture, cuisine, musical instruments and people.

Here you have a picture of Carlos with the cajon, a typical Afro-Peruvian instrument that you might have seen being used by Flamenco groups or at American Idol shows.


After the talk students walked around the hacienda where we were staying, hang around the pool or read for school.


After lunch, we visited the Afro-Peruvian Cultural Center run by Carlos, where three little boys showed us a piece of the cajon song they learned to play the day before.


 And wanted Charlie, to follow them...


 Here is a picture of the group with the professor of the center, Carlos and the children.


Our students took their cajones and went back to the hacienda for their classes!


 We started with the cajon class:


 Followed by the girls trying to do their best at festejo



 The boys also tried pretty hard!


The group with Maria and Roberto Ballumbrosio, after the class.


Last but not least, the zapateo class (afro-Peruvian tap)


 The group with the professors. Exhausted but happy. It was so much fun!


After the classes, the Ballumbrosio siblings invited us to go back to town and visit their house. The Ballumbrosio family is one of the most representative Afro-Peruvian families. Here the older brother is explaining us the history of the family at their house.


After that, the youngest girl in the family wanted to show us what is the correct way of dancing! hahahaha


Then, her mother came out and asked one of the boys to dance. Oscar did his best :)


The rest of the group jumped to dance too and showed what they just learned and so the party started!


On Sunday morning, we visited the Huaca La Centinela. A pre-Inca site of the Chincha culture.


After that we visited a family of farmers.


We spend the rest of the day relaxing before going back to Lima and to school.


Our last lunch was the typical Afro-Peruvian dish of sopa seca.


And so this was our trip. A picture to remember: Miss Lali and her kids, hahahahahahaha.



Here you have a video of our cajon class.



And one of our Afro Peruvian tap class.

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