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This morning at 11:35 I finished my last final exam for the school year. I am now a senior in college, and I will never take another June final again. Thank goodness! And though I am thrilled by both of those facts, my brain (after taking a good 2 hour break from any thoughts at all) has now completely occupied with England and new friends and world travel. It’s a busy place now. 

I haven’t had many adventures, so it’s safe to say that in two weeks when I go to study abroad at the University of Sussex I will be embarking on the greatest adventure in my two decades of living. I am really great at over-planning and over-thinking everything, so from here on out my theory is to plan enough to see as much as I can and think just enough to appreciate it.

The timing could not be better for me to get out of Evanston, out of the Midwest, and out of the United States. Eight days after I return from England, I turn 21. One month after I return, I start my senior year of college. And just 6 months after that, I will graduate, saying goodbye to the days of taking off to Europe for the summer. This is my once-in-a-lifetime chance to take on minimal responsibilities (just 2 classes, plus eating, sleeping, breathing, etc.) and learn about travel, culture, new people, and hopefully myself.

For the next 10 weeks I will be chronicling all of my adventures and learning right here. And in just 2 short weeks, I will be Englanded.

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