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I can't believe the last time I blogged was about my birthday! that was absolutely AGES ago! There's is absolutely too much to say so I'm gonna do bullet points, here's what's happened since my birthday:

-I woke up really early one weekend to hike in the valley in front of Mt. Aconcagua-the highest peak in the western hemisphere, second highest in the world to the Himalayas. It was such a wonderful day! 

-our program had our last official excursion together to one of the most famous wineries in Mendoza called Zucardi. I participated in yet another wine tour, there is so much to learn about wine i learn something new everytime! It's incredible! We lunched there and it was actually the best food i've eaten while i've been in Mendoza. We ate outside and it was literally a picture perfect day.

-Christine visited me! We spent a few days in Mendoza getting to know my friends and showing her around Mendoza, then we spent a few days in Cordoba then went to the Iguazu Falls! It was such a wonderful 2ish weeks with her and Im so glad i got to share some of my experiences with her! We traveled, cooked, walked, sight saw, walked, ate, walked, rode buses, waited, and shared life together and walked some more.  it was def difficult saying goodbye at the end. Also, the Iguazu falls are quite possibly the most incredible things i've ever seen in my life. 

-I went with a friend to her bible study and a soccer practice and they were both really great! if i were staying longer i would def want to be involved in activities like those! The girls i met were so nice to me and there was already a girl name bettie on the soccer team so it was confusing for them to call me 'bet' so they called me ellie! It was fun and strange! i kept not realizing they were talking to me!

-Weekends were spent in Mendoza, going to cafes and the Mendoza Green Market, spending the last few days of fall outside soaking up the sun. 

-Definitely experienced some negative feelings about still being here. Missed home and fantasized about the plane ride home and about what im gonna do when i get home. But i had the support of my good friends from my program to help me feel positive again and we've all been supporting each other when we're missing home. 

-Had some really great hang out nights with my friends bonding, eating, laughing and getting to know each other more and they're simply the greatest people ever and I couldn't imagine being here with better people. 

-I've been making and working on completing a bucket list-it mostly consists of things i want to eat before i leave, which inspired me to make my photo album on facebook entitled 'eating my way through argentina' My friends make a lot of fun of me for it but it's totally worth it :)

-Finally, i've been studying a lot more because finals are upon us! I got a 10 (the argentine scale is 0/1-10 instead of A, B, C, D, F) on my final project for Spanish. So I've started off good, we'll just see how it goes from here! I finished a paper that is my final for my music class, and i've got to do a presentation for my Regional Development class and then studying for the dreaded Literature final which is an o*** exam over 10 books and their authors and basically everything to do with the books and their authors. That one's gonna need a lot of prayers to get through!

By this time next week I will be done with all academic requirements and free! free! FREE! until the 22 of July! In 4 weeks and 4 days i will be on may way back to the states! I haven't got any plans yet for the time in between, but i'll be traveling with one of my very best friends from Purdue so im super pumped to end my time in SA with a bang! 

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