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Student Network "Things you should do after joining!"

Here's a brief list of the first things you should do when you join IFSA-Butler's community. Completing these steps will help you feel more connected with current students, alumni, advisors and staff members.

  1. If you have applied to one of our programs, you may add our IFSA-Butler Dashboard application to track your application process and help friends/family stay connected with your exciting adventure!
  2. Complete your profile information and upload you profile photo
  3. Find and join groups of interest (groups are on the right side of the page)
  4. Add comments to interesting discussions
  5. Start your own discussion (via blog or forum). You can do this from the "My Page" tab.
  6. Add movie clips and photos. Share your experience with others!
  7. Invite people you want to be your friend. This will allow you to send messages directly.
  8. Search for students that have studied in your country of choice here! Ask questions and get advice!

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