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Hi, it's me again, so officially I have been in Scotland for two days now. I arrived at 7 something in the morning yesterday, it was like 2 a.m. back in the States where I left. I spent most of yesterday getting to know the other IFSA-Butler students here, eating, and sleeping, although I did go out and explore a bit.
Today the real orientation stuff started, I spent most of today in a room listening to history, safety, and all that good stuff. Breakfast this morning was interesting... the bacon, well it isn't the bacon I'm used to that's for sure! It was good though. Lunch was sandwiches, so nothing special. After all the lectures/talks were over the group of students going to the University of Edinburgh got to take a bus tour of.... Edinburgh! (Are you surprised? I wasn't.)
I learned who I'd be doing my home stay with and where it is located... the most interesting bit is that it's not in Scotland, but England... lol!! Tomorrow is the academic stuff we need to know for school and Saturday we move into our housing. So it promises to be an interesting ending to my week!!

Will write again... just don't know when :-)


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Comment by marian on October 19, 2010 at 7:38am
Bethany, Just re-reading-love hearing from you. So good that we can skype !!!! You are in our prayers and thoughts always... Love you so much.. Grandma

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