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I've been out of school since December 19th. I've been at home for almost three months and I am so ready to go to Argentina! Since Purdue started it's spring semester I've been at home working and studying to take the GRE for graduate school before I leave the country, because who wants to do that after coming home from Study Abroad?! All my friends that are going abroad this semester are already settling in to their routines of being in another country but I'm still here. waiting. I feel like Rapunzel in Tangled and that song she sings about wondering when will her life begin ( You and me both Rapunzel. 

But, my friends, the time is near. The countdown is 8 DAYS till take off!

You might assume that I've been packed for weeks and have my luggage waiting by the front door. Oh contrare. I have yet to pack, but I've been making a mental list. I'm just now reading packing suggestion lists. No time like the present! I'm making my last visits with friends this weekend before I leave them for 4.5 months and saying goodbye to my twin sister Christine. However, she says she's going to come visit me during Purdue's summer break. I'm hoping so!

Gettin pumped and very nervous for my new life!

Until next time


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