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The first day I experienced the worst thunderstorm of my life! The thunder was terrifyingly loud and sounded as if the sky was ripping apart. This type of storm, we were later told, is not a typical occurrence. It thundered from 3 in the afternoon until about 7 and rained more after that. There were leaves knocked out of trees and puddles of water everywhere. Well, I guess we’re all going to get the dengue fever (pronounced ‘dang’ in American English).
Day two we walked about 1.5 km to a university- and I didn’t know we were going to, and I wore the wrong shoes. Guess who has a nice blister on the bottom of her right foot? At the university (not the one I’ll be attending) they gave us some paperwork to sign and so much Spanish went through my brain, it started to hurt a bit. They gave us two lunches also. I’ve never eaten so much beans and rice before. I thought Mexican food was based on it, but Costa Rican even more!
My favorite food so far was the agua fresca. It was limón (lime) and tasted just like lemonade without the sugar. There are so many fruits also that I’ve never heard of. My host mom told me that Heredia (the town I’ll be studying in) has wonderful fruit. And she showed me an article in the newspaper that it hailed there the other day (another rare occurrence). My host dad asked if I thought the word gringo was derogatory and honestly, I hear it so much, that I don’t think so. Also he asked me about the word “Jankies” and I was like what in the world is that? Until I realized he was saying Yankees. That word I don’t identify with, because I’m a native Texan haha, but I didn’t tell him that.
I think I’ve figured out the reason for tico time. Not a single clock is set for the right time: the one in the car was 3 hours early, the computer was 6 hours behind, my alarm clock was off by an hour- not that I really needed it, I soon discovered. The sun rises at 5:30, and so do the people, birds, dogs, trucks, basically everything. There’s a bird here that sounds exactly like an alarm clock. I swear its call is what the alarm is based off of. It’s the nasal nehh nehh nehh! Sounds like the same pitch too!
I get a ride to school today. We start our intensive Spanish classes today-woo (sarcasm). I picked out my classes for registration last night and just want to start that. I don’t care much for this sit around and do nothing except take more Spanish classes in a town we’re not even going to live in. For the rest of the week, I have to take a bus, but there’s another host student down the street that I can be bus buddies with.

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