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Katrina Stone Awarded Two Prizes in Divinity

Katrina Stone was awarded two prizes in Divinity during her semester at University of St. Andrews. The first, Roy Hogg Memorial Prize, is awarded annually to the best student in Second-level Practical Theology. The second, Dugald McFarlane Prize, is awarded annually for an essay in First-level Theology.

Below is a statement from Katrina about her time at University of St. Andrews:

"Studying for a semester at the University of St. Andrews was a life changing experience. With its cobblestone streets, gorgeous buildings and churches, charming people, lively university, cozy cafes, and ever present view of the lovely North Sea, St. Andrews was truly an enchanting place to live. Furthermore, for me this was even better, as I had the special opportunity to study theology at the St. Mary's College of Divinity of the University of St. Andrews. Many of the buildings in the college dated back to the 16th century. Taking classes in theology and biblical studies within a place that contains such a rich theological history and tradition, both past and present, was an inspiring experience that continues to influence me both personally and academically."

Congratulations, Katrina, on your great success!

Here Katrina (right) is pictured with another St. Andrews student wearing the traditional St. Andrews red gowns.

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