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Let me begin by apologizing if this is not the most eloquent thing you ever read. If you're reading this then you are probably a good friend of mine and probably know I am terrible with words and will overlook this flaw. Anyway, it is currently 3 pm Scottish time... about 10 am United States time. I took off yesterday from Newark at 8pm (US time). I was a bit nervous on the way to the airport. I really hate flying and just kept thinking of all the things that could go wrong while I was en route (lost luggage, stolen purse, plane crashing, etc.). At this point Lizzy Pickett popped into my mind and I just thought about everywhere she has traveled with much less preparation. If I have learned one thing from Lizzy, it's just to do what you want and go with the flow and the rest will work itself out. This was extremely reassuring. I finally arrived at the airport and my parents misdirected me to the group check in. I realized you could only use the group check in if you were actually with your group (which I was not). So I waited around to see if anyone else showed up. (There was supposed to be a representative from the program at the airport to help with check in). After about an hour of waiting around and creeping on people, I decided just to check myself in which was just as confusing, if not more, than finding the gate. (I have never been so confused in an airport... ) Anyway, I went through security pretty quickly and made my way to the group lounge that was reserved for us. I was able to meet some people there before take off. I especially talked to two girls: Margaret and Lindsay. Flight was fine... blah blah blah. So we arrive in the country. It's pretty spectacular. It was about 8 am at this time (Scottish time) and check in wasn't until 2:30 pm. So we had some time to kill. Lindsay and I wandered around. We got coffee at this cute little bistro (everything here is small and cute) that displayed shoes in cases and had really funky art work. I loved it. Then we wandered some more.. we eventually went down this alley that looked really neat from the street but as we started down it, it became apparent that we should have stayed in a public area. The alley littered with alcohol containers and trash and just seemed shady. To make matters worse a man followed behind us with a dog. Needless to say, Lindsay and I made it out of there pretty quickly. We came out under this amazing bridge and as we walked further up the street I found this really neat concert venue. His & Hers (the Scottish version of She&Him? Haha.) are playing Saturday night and Lindsay and I made plans to go. So we're wandering and wandering and we stumble upon this beautiful, quiet park. As we walk through, we see this guy in the distance juggling. He wasn't performing for anyone, but rather practicing and he had numerous glass bottles of various sizes that he was sticking into these metal containers (like martini mixer containers) and using those to throw the bottles into the air while juggling both the bottles and containers. (If it sounds complicated to you via text, imagine seeing it in real life.) He kept dropping them every now and then, but I was still very impressed. Anyway, he said hi to us and seemed very embarrassed that we had witnessed his mistakes. We tried to encourage him though. Later, he walked by and smiled and said hi to us again. I plan on going back a few more times this week to see if he is there again. I hope to become friends with him and hopefully pick up some tricks. :D Lindsay and I then stumbled upon a group of little kids at recess who were dressed so nicely and yet rolling down hills and getting all dirty. They were so amusing and we wound up sitting on a bench to watch them for awhile. I seriously love kids. They are so entertaining and imaginative. Not much else happened. We wandered back to the hotel to await our check in. I bought a cell phone... I can give you more details about that when I figure out how the plan works with it (I am pretty sure there is a cheaper plan out there that I want to look into). Hope all is well in the states!

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