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I Ride Around in A Mercedes in Argentina, No Big Deal


  Especially when they are always crowded buses. 

In three more days I will have been in BsAs for two months. I tell you this because it still seems crazy that I am living here and even crazier that I have been here that long. Things for the most part are starting to develop a pattern. It starts to feel more and more every day that I really live here and am not a tourist here for a couple of days. However, there are still those occasions when someone laughs at your face because you cannot say the word correctly and they have know idea what you want. They then continue with just point at the one you want. On the other hand I actually understood what the salesclerk was saying and responded correctly to her question the other day. The first weeks I just nodded my head and said bien, when usually it was, Are you looking for something in particular? or if you have any questions just ask. Which resulted in some very confused looks.

            It is nice that my understanding of people has increased tremendously. You have to understand that the dialect here is pretty different and there are a lot of people that you have no luck understanding. Classes are fine. They are starting to pick up and after a close to a four-month vacation it is hard to find the motivation. Especially when you have a city like this to distract you, but don’t worry it gets done.

            Things are getting easier to do/ find all the time. I have started to figure out where and what things I need to make my lunches and eating less out. I have joined a gym. I am starting to feel much more like this is real. It has kinda felt like a dream for a while. The weekends are still kinda of hard. You really have to make plans and it can be difficult to connect with people. There also tends to be a grouping of people depending on which barrio they live in. Mainly because a lot of plans are made last minute and it is easier to do things when you live close by. Sundays are especially hard, mainly because most things are closed. It is clearly a big family day here and you find yourself thinking a lot home. It really isn’t homesickness. It is more just thinking about friends and what they are up to. I catch myself curious what going on. It is also why my blog is posted pretty consistently on Sundays. It is a nice slower day, but sometimes it nice to stay busy.

            However, I have been telling people that my live here is as tranquil as how crazy my life had been the past 3 semesters. It has been a really nice break from juggling a million things. I tend to be more worried about my weekend plans. Something I never really focused on much in the states. It has been really great so far and I think that I was crazy for even considering not studying abroad. Next week I am off to another city to celebrate Semana Santa, but I want to keep you on your toes. So you will just have to wait till I get back to hear about it.

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