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Heading to Santiago, Chile next Tuesday!

Hey, everyone! Matt here from just outside Baltimore, MD. I'm a History and Spanish major at Amherst College in Western Massachusetts getting ready for an incredible semester abroad in Santiago, Chile! Less than a week left now! While I've volunteered in Costa Rica before, I've never been to South America! I am going to keep a blog for my college's Office of Study Abroad while I'm away, so I'll make sure to share links to my blog posts for IFSA's community network as well. 

Some of my friends keep asking me how my study abroad program has been going, but I have to explain to them that Chilean classes don't start until March! So many fellow Spanish majors at my college decided to study in Spain and had to leave super early in January. At first, I thought having a late start would just make me really anxious (and slightly jealous of those who already headed off). But, the time has gone by super fast and I've been able to focus on all the things I love in America before leaving: family, friends, and food! I've had plenty of time to read, relax, travel to different cities in the U.S., and spend time with family before going abroad. I even managed to fit in a short research fellowship in D.C.! Cheers to my longest winter break ever! (I still want one last cheeseburger before I leave though...)

Anyway, I'm currently in the process of packing my bags and I'm getting pretty excited to live and study in a new country. Can't wait for new adventures in Chile! 

Anyone else heading to South America this fall? Are there any alumni out there with packing suggestions or general advice? Feel free to let me know! 

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