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Take 2:

Because my fellow americans here are so awesome and since we genuinely enjoy hanging out together I wanted to celebrate my birthday with them too! Also, south americans don't get the importance of a 21st birthday either. So the Friday I got back from Chile we had a night out in celebration of my 21st birthday! 

We started out with dinner on Aristedes-which is where all the 'happenin' places are. I was craving pizza so a friend and I shared their pizza special which was a pizza and beer. We also got a free bottle of champagne from the waiter! On top of that my friends had got me a cake! It was chocolate: kinda mousee/gnache like on the bottom layer and then a harder marble like portion on top with dulce de leche icing lining the outside. It was literally so freaking delicious. Two, of our party of nine, left after dinner-which had started around 10:30. Then the remaining seven of us went to the local Irish pub, around 1:30/2am, where we hung out there til the appropriate time to go the boliches-which is in between 2/3am. The first boliche we went to was not our type so we tried another and this one hit the spot! Loud music, flashing lights, dancing. Let me tell you, Argentines know how to dance! We didn't leave until around 5:30ish am, we were so proud of ourselves! After getting home and showering I didn't get in bed til slightly before 7am! 

Take 3:

My host mom had been preparing the whole week before for a co-birthday celebration for the two of us (Her b-day was on the first of April). She'd prepared a special meal and invited her niece, nephew and best neighbor friends (a married couple). However the day before-saturday-she found out her niece and nephew had too much homework and couldn't come. But no worries, her neighbor friends were still coming. Psych! Day of, sunday, the wife got sick so the neighbor friends couldn't come either! What could we do?!? So we set everything up and ate the beautiful meal in the dinning room with champagne, just the two of us! It was so delicious! Dessert was basically three courses: wine soaked pears with ice cream followed by coconut cake! Alicia had a candle for each of us on the cake and we took turns blowing it out. In Argentina they make three wishes when the blow out the candle. 

That evening with 2 other friends, we made an egg scramble with choc. chip pancakes along with the rest of the champagne and some cake from the birthday lunch that day, while watching Game of Thrones. Needless to say my birthday was greatly enjoyed and celebrated here in Argentina, but that didn't keep me from remembering my family and friends back in the States. I can't wait to come back and celebrate with them too! 

All my love,

Beth <3

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