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We are back from our Cusco trip. It was amazing, as usual, and we had the time of our lives!

Day 1: After a nap and a light lunch, our time in Cusco started by visiting the ruins that surround the city of Cusco. We went to Sacsayhuaman where we learned some interesting facts about Incan geology.


We admired Cusco's sky...


And had a lot of fun at the natural slides!


The entire group in Sacsayhuaman:


We then visited Q'enqo, the Inca center for momification.


We finished the day at Q'orikancha, a church built over a very important Inca's temple.

Day 2: We started at dawn going to Canas, a province of Cusco, located 3 hours southeast from Cusco city to visit two projects.

Here you can see our first casualty from the slides at Sacsayhuaman!


We started by visiting the farm of Francisco and Trinidad.


Francisco explained us about sustainable farming and how IAA has helped him achieving it.


Trinidad explained us how their house has changed due to IAA's recommendations making their lives healthier.


The group with Francisco and Trinidad:


We later visited Judith's house and saw her guinea pig farm (cuy in Peru)


We then visited IAA's office in Yanaoca where we learned all the technologies they teach the peasants so they can work on sustainable farming.


Walking through Yanaoca, where the office of IAA is located.


At IAA's office waiting for lunch!


Yes, we were already pretty tired.


After lunch, we went to visit Casa Maria de Nazareth, a shelter for girls who come from abusive families. We brought gifts for the girls bought by godmothers and godfathers.


The girls welcomed us with beautiful dances.


Even the smallest ones.


The group had a great time and so did the girls!


Teaching Juanjo how to dance.


It was the time for our group to do the show. Paolo, our Pata IFSA (IFSA "Buddie"), Oscar and Charlie showed what they learned at the afro Peruvian town of El Carmen by dancing an Afro Peruvian dance.


the girls were laughing out loud because, let's face it, it was hilarious!!!


Thanking the support and cheering from the girls and group :)


Christina and Charlie showed us how good the salsa classes have been!


And then the party started!!!


We were all dancing and having fun


The girls tried to teach our group how to dance Andean music at 4000 meters above sea level!!!!


You can see the video here:


Our students also sang a Disney song in Spanish for the girls. It was the most emotional moment of the day as some of the girls cried (needless to say, I did too) and laughed out loud. It represents the great time we all had that day.

After singing and dancing, some students and Paolo played a volleyball game with the girls


While others were playing airplanes with them


Some let them use their cameras, like Paige


The team "sheep" after the volleyball game


The entire group with the nuns. We left almost at night because our students did not want to leave the shelter and the girls, of course, wanted us to stay longer!

Day 3: We went to Awanakancha to see the llama's and alpaca's farm.

Olivia with Charlie and a big llama:


Christina and an alpaca.


Charlie and another llama


The group learned about the process of knitting.


We then went on route to the Sacred Valley...

 To see the ruins of Pisac and Ollantaytambo and then take the train to Machu Picchu town!  Some killed time by playing cards...

Day 5: Machu Picchu!!!!!

The group woke up at dawn to see the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu (picture taken by Christina Gordon from Kenyon College)

Afterward they met me at a restaurant in Machu Picchu town. They were all exhausted but happy!


We went back to Cusco city by train...


With this amazing view!


We had a nice dinner once we were back in Cusco City.


Day 6: FREE!! The group slept late and had a free day in the city for resting and enjoying Cusco. We all want to come back!!

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