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At the Sanctuary of Pachacamac (Peru Programs)

As part of the activities we have during the semester we visit the sanctuary of Pachacamac. Pachacamac was the most important god of the coast of Peru. Pilgrims visited its statue bringing it gifts from all over the Andes, even from the Amazon rain forest centuries before the Incas reigned over the territories until the Spaniards conquered the Tawantinsuyo.

Located on the coast, the beautiful ruins are located between the Andes, the Pacific Ocean, the valley and the desert.

When the Incas took possession of the sanctuary, they built a house for the chosen women called the Acllawasi, where only the best girls will be educated and chosen later to marry the leaders of the cultures conquered by the Incas.

This and other ruins can be seen while your study abroad time in Peru!

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