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My first week in Edinburgh has been an amazing blur. I've gotten a chance the last few days to really get to know the city. My flat is on the Cowgate which is a street that is right in the center of the city--I couldn't have asked for a better location! I have a great view out of my window and I have 3 other roommates (one is from Ireland--but lives in Scotland--France and the other is from Connecticut).

There are so many cute, quirky stores, pubs and streets I feel like I'm in a movie most of the time. It's mostly been in the mid to upper 50s, but we've been blessed with a few sunny days. It's mostly cloudy and it rains off and on a lot of the time.

Last night I went to a cute little pub that was featuring a Scottish Folk Band. They were awesome. It was so fun to hear some authentic Scottish music. I'm planning on buying their CD and if you like folk music I recommend this group! The group is called The Paul McKenna Band (just Paul McKenna on iTunes). A few of my friends and I met up there with two kids from Scotland there who seem to be really great guys. We took turns talking about all of the funny American and UK phrases. Every time I meet someone from the UK I ask them to do an American accent and I have yet to find ONE person who is willing to do it. Most of them just laugh, blush and politely say no. Weird--Americans are always imitating accents! I will be sure to let you know when I get someone to do it.

I'm hoping to get a tour of Edinburgh Castle tomorrow or this weekend. Classes begin on Monday and I am taking a Spanish Politics/History course, Scottish Modern History course and an International Law course. Hopefully they will be interesting! I've signed up for a trip to Inverness in October and I'm planning on taking a day trip to the highlands where hopefully I'll get some more great pictures for all of you!

Miss you all so much!



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