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Another City, and a Neuvo Perspective

This past weekend I went to Rosario, which is the third largest city in Argentina. It is in the providence Santa Fe. Santa Fe is the birthplace of Che and Messi. It is a pretty city next to the river. The river is called the Paraná. It was our last trip with the program, but it was pretty nice. The highlight was staying in a Holiday Inn, which sounds so funny. However, it was soon nice to stay in a hotel and not a hostel. It was pretty much a standard hotel, but a double bed can look so…


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Loving Argentina, but Thinking of You

First and Foremost I need to wish two very special men a Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Daddy and Conor!!!!!!

!!!!!Besos from Argentina!!!!!!


Also Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!!


I also need to wish one of the finest equestrian team good luck at the National Competition…


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Visiting Caral, the oldest civilization in the Americas!!

We visited this past Saturday Caral, the oldest civilization in the Americas, located four hours north of Lima in the Supe valley. Here you have a picture of the group at the entrance to the ruins.



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Visiting El Carmen, an Afro-Peruvian town in Ica, Peru

This past weekend, we had one of the three trips students do while in the Peru program: the trip to El Carmen, an Afro-Peruvian town. We left on Friday and arrived late in the afternoon to El Carmen, an Afro-Peruvian town in Ica, a province of Peru, 4 hours south of Lima. Click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.…


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I Ride Around in A Mercedes in Argentina, No Big Deal


  Especially when they are always crowded buses. 

In three more days I will have been in BsAs for two months. I tell you this because it still seems crazy that I am living here and even crazier that I have been here that long. Things for the most part are starting to develop a pattern. It starts to feel more and more every day that I really live here and am not a tourist here for a couple of days. However, there are still those occasions…


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It was Freshman Year Again...But in Spanish...In Argentina

It is weird to think I have registered for my senior year of classes at Miami and have just finalized my schedule here. The scariest thing might just be that I wrote senior. However, that would be a completely different adventure.


I have had a lot of questions about my classes, so I though I would break it down.


I should start from the beginning.


First off registration is very different for a study abroad student. In Argentina a student follows…


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IFSA-Butler Peru Students Featured in Magazine

The most recent edition of NAFSA's International Educator magazine features a photo of IFSA-Butler students in Peru, as well as quotes from Laura Balbuena, IFSA-Butler's resident director in Peru. The article, which focuses on women in Latin America, includes a photo of our…


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Former IFSA-Butler Student Accepted to Peace Corps Ecuador

Christopher Morriss, a student from University of Vermont who studied abroad at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú during Fall 2009, has been accepted to Peace Corps Ecuador. Christopher is a premedical student and he intends to enter medical school after his service in the Peace Corps. He hopes to use his Spanish language skills as a doctor and, if the opportunity presents itself, practice medicine abroad.


"I believe my time with IFSA-Butler in Peru was key towards my…


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Sociology Student Excells at University of Auckland

Dylan Mackie-Hernandez of Colorado College has been recognized by the Department of Sociology of The University of Auckland for his excellent grades during Semester 2, 2010. Congratulations to Dylan for his outstanding academic achievement!

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IFSA Student Receives Award for Essay

Congratulations to Michael Anderson from McKendree University who received an award for his essay on why he wanted to study at King's College London! Here Michael is pictured with the principal of King's upon accepting his award.… Continue

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Galway Student's Final Paper Accepted by SEWSA

College of Charleston student Sarah Kate Hampton was invited to present her final paper written for her Women's Human Rights class in Ireland at a SEWSA  conference (Southeastern Women's Studies Association). Sarah Kate studied at the National University of Ireland in Galway during the Fall of 2009.


"I think that I only could have written that paper with the resources that I had explored in my class. We studied European Women's Studies scholars, which is an area that I had…


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Esther Uduehi Named 2011 Rhodes Scholar

Esther Uduehi, a senior at Indiana University Bloomington, studied abroad during the Fall of 2009 at Oxford University in England through IFSA-Butler. Due to her outstanding achievements in chemistry and mathematics, Esther was recently named a 2011 Rhodes Scholar. This scholarship will enable Esther to continue her studies at Oxford for up to three years. We are extremely proud of Esther's great achievements and we wish her continued success at Oxford University!


For more…


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Are Those Clouds, No It's The Andes

This weekend was my first adventure using the omnibuses. My friend Zoe and I went to Menodoza. It is about 14 hours west of Buenos Aires. We decide to take the train into Retiro (this is where the train and omnibus station is located). We gave ourselves lots of extra time, because we just get lost and confused quite frequently and we rather be safe then sorry.


We arrived at Retiro no problems and then had no idea where the omnibus station was. I asked a man and he just moved…


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Cuando Recibí Limónes, Haz Lemonada

Last weekend the program took at trip to Colonia, Uruguay.


It was suppose to start with a 3 hour Buqubus ride from Buenos Aires to Uruguay. However, our boat trip was delayed and we were transferred to a faster boat which two hours. However, Zoe (friend in the program) ran into another US student in Buenos Aires at the Subte station and we had some time to get to know her. She is a medical student at a University in Connecticut and is doing a Medical round in Buenos Aires.…


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Feel the Rhythm, Don't Force It

In three more days I will have been in Buenos Aires for a month. It is pretty incredible that a month had gone by. It is also weird that I am still figuring out my classes. It had been an interesting process so far. Some days are better than others. There are things that I am starting to miss, like hugs. They kiss a lot, but some days a hug would be nice. It is also really had to talk and understand things when I don’t sleep well. It almost like someone just blanked my…


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How??? Where??? What??? Challenges in BA

So I have been in BA for a little over 2 weeks. So what does that mean? Lol... dirty laundry. It works a little different here. There are place called Llavadero that wash and dry your clothes for you. So I wasn't really sure how to go about this or what to say, so when I went into the llavadero I told the man I had dirty clothes. He then nodded and said ya you do. I then was surprised to find out he needed three days to wash them. Being a little hesitant to go in the first place waited a…


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Besame and Cover Me in Dulce de Leche


On Monday, I completed my first week living in Buenos Aires. Here are some things I have learned in my first week here.


1. When you greet someone you place your right check to there right check and kiss the air. You do this for everyone. Some noted points, checks must be touching and the kiss is usually very loud. 


2. Dulce de leche is amazing. It is sweet and sticky and they make these cookies called alfajores. They are two cookies kinda like…


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Learning how to open doors and say calle.

Sounds simple, but its not. There are two doors two keys and wait for it you have turn the key one way to open the door and turn it completely the other way to lock the door. It is the little things that I find so interesting here. The people here are so nice and they speak extra slowly just so you can understand them. It is amazing to walk into a p******* and know what things are, but to have different names.It is one of the best vocabulary lessons in the world(or south america). They are…


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Summer Program in Galway, Ireland

Is anyone studying abroad in Ireland this Summer (2011)? :)

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Your Life in Numbers

Even though I absolutely hate math, I can't help but notice how my life at present seems to be totally defined by numbers. 9 days until I leave for 4.5 months. 2 Bags allowed, not to exceed 50 pounds each. 3 flights to get me from New Jersey to Sydney. 15 hours direct from L.A. to Sydney, not to mention the 6.5 to get to L.A. But the one thing that has no numerical value is how absolutely excited I am to be spending this semester abroad. I've wanted to go to Australia since I saw the movie "The… Continue

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