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September 2010 Blog Posts (10)

Great (Britain) Expectations

Hi all--

T-minus 6 days before I take off from sunny California to (rumored) chilly England. As the time to take the leap nears, I am becoming increasingly more excited. My expectations for this term abroad are derivative inspirations of what I have been told to expect by family, friends, and peers. “You know, it’s pretty cold there. I hope you’re planning on taking a jacket,” a family friend instructed. One jacket? How about every jacket-type thing I own! Our ideas of “cold” are… Continue

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You don't even have to know the words. You can just guess them.

Sorry it's been awhile since I've written. So last week there was a clubs and societies fair. I wound up signing up for numerous email lists, some because I was genuinely interested in the club and others so I would stop being harassed by the club members. I'm truly interested and think I'm going to join the Canoe Club, Hillwalking Society, Juggling Society, and possibly Physics Club. On Friday Lindsey and I went to the beach with the Canoe Club to go kayaking in the waves. It was freezing. I… Continue

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Chocolate tour Ifsa Excursion: Costa Rica!

After changing and exchanging info to be facebook friends with our guides, we had a short ride to the chocolate tour place. We ate a buffet style lunch full of typical food (yep, beans and rice) and then prepared for chocolate.



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Rafting Ifsa Excursion in Costa Rica

Today was, by far, my favorite day in Costa Rica.

I woke up before the sun (5:00 am) and walked to the university to meet with everyone to go up in the mountains to go rafting and go on a chocolate tour. I was wearing my work out shorts with my blue tennis and a blue top over my swimsuit. I was not worried about how I…

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Earthquake in Heredia, Costa Rica!

Today I experienced my first earthquake!

This morning I was woken up by a text that said class was cancelled. Well, I was already awake, so I sat in bed and watched some Mythbusters and chatted on Facebook. I was sitting with my headphones in when, all of a sudden, I felt my bed shake. It felt like someone was underneath…

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If we don't die, this will be an awesome memory.

I feel like I say that an awful lot. This came up as Lindsey and I were climbing down from Arthur's Seat. We thought climbing up was really hardcore because at the top it became really steep. So on the way down we decided to find what seemed like the easiest path... of course though it led to vertical drops and crawling through holes. Haha. It was so much fun. The weather was terrible for the first part but it definitely cleared up. It was just terribly windy. The Scots run up that mountain… Continue

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visiting Pachacamac, a ceremonial center 2,000 years old (Peru)

This past Saturday, we went to the Pachacamac ruins. A pre-Inca religious center, an hour away from Miraflores (the neighborhood where most of the group live).

This center was visited by pilgrims for more than 1,500 years until…


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Greyfriar's Bobby

I finally moved into my flat today. Pretty much it is like a row of single dorm rooms at Ursinus (including kitchen and bathrooms in the hallway) except there is a door that locks at the end of the hall. I really like it so far. Well, let me backtrack a bit before I get into my adventures from today. Well two days ago, after all of our meetings, we went on a bus tour around the city. I fell asleep for the first part which was all through the university area (of course) so I have no idea where… Continue

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Hi, it's me again, so officially I have been in Scotland for two days now. I arrived at 7 something in the morning yesterday, it was like 2 a.m. back in the States where I left. I spent most of yesterday getting to know the other IFSA-Butler students here, eating, and sleeping, although I did go out and explore a bit.

Today the real orientation stuff started, I spent most of today in a room listening to history, safety, and all that good stuff. Breakfast this morning was interesting... the… Continue

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Juggler Park.

Let me begin by apologizing if this is not the most eloquent thing you ever read. If you're reading this then you are probably a good friend of mine and probably know I am terrible with words and will overlook this flaw. Anyway, it is currently 3 pm Scottish time... about 10 am United States time. I took off yesterday from Newark at 8pm (US time). I was a bit nervous on the way to the airport. I really hate flying and just kept… Continue

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