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June 2010 Blog Posts (6)

Haven't done this in QUITE a while...

... but I'm sure it's fine. Probs nobody is reading this anyway. :) Imma continue to just journal on my own and post picture on facebook (if you're bored and want to check out the last week and a half of my Argentine adventures!!!).

Que lindo!!!!

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To The land of Maoris

New Zealand Travel Diary: Entry 1

When Che Guevara looked at the Incan ruins in Peru, he was angered by the brutality of Spanish conquerors who had annihilated a rich Incan civilization.…

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visiting Caral, the oldest civilization in the Americas!

This past weekend we visited Caral, the oldest civilization in the Americas that goes back 5 thousands years!! Making it the third civilization in the world (after Mesopotamia and Egypt). Here we are at one of the main pyramids.

Have you seen the size of this corn?? Here it is called "choclo" and it is delicious! Better try it when you come. We had some before visiting the ruins.

The Sacred City of Caral is…


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Goin' to el Teatro!!!

So excited to go see my first OPERA!!!! And it's in Italian... in a mainly Spanish-speaking country! (At Teatro Colon en el lindo Buenos Aires!!!)

Some of us went to a rugby game in los suburbios yesterday, via train (it's fun to ride public transit!...). It's really gorgeous out there in the suburbs... lots more grass than here in the city. And so many ninos! (kids). There was one little 2-year-old playing by where I was sitting. He was adorable, and for some reason, he…

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Vino, amigos, y edificios lindos

Having a grand old time here in BA! Even something as simple as going out for drinks with some friends is so much fun.... since there's no pressure to 'get smashed' (or any other form of the word drunk). It's so strange to be able to drink in a bar... I like it!

Of course though, things can't happen without adventure... today my friend Jean and I were meeting some people at Oasis, a bar on Santa Fe y Callao (yeah there's a mix of Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian, etc,…

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Catching on...

So. Been here for 6 dias now.... and feeling GREAT!!!!! I just LOVE being here. Mi familia is fantastic, I have my host parents, 2 younger host brothers, and the 2 college-age guys who rent out rooms in the very beautiful apartmento in the barrio (neighborhood) de Almagro.

First couple of days were crazy, what with getting to the airport and then rushed off to a taxi and then all of sudden I'm in this new country. And city. And culture. But NOW I just love it. Though until…

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