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Amanda Warren and Harmony White are now friends
Dec 16, 2009
Kaaren left a comment for Amanda Warren
"I know. So did you leave today? I am getting so nervous! I had my going away party yesterday with my whole family. I guess my dream job is to run an Arts summer camp for at risk youth where we teach prevention/intervention, pro-social behaviors, and…"
Sep 8, 2009
Amanda Warren updated their profile
Sep 2, 2009
Amanda Warren left a comment for Kaaren
"Haha...that makes me feel better. Like when we go out to dinner during orientation or any other time we can both feel free to talk about anything! Like home away from home lol. Wow I am so sorry! The only thing I know is that before me my mom had…"
Sep 1, 2009

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Hometown (City, State and Country)
Millersville, PA
What country and program will you be studying overseas?
Northern Ireland University of Ulster Magee
Graphic Design
What US university do you attend?
Millersville University
What is your job title?
I am. . .
getting ready to go abroad with IFSA-Butler

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At 9:05pm on September 8, 2009, Kaaren said…
I know. So did you leave today? I am getting so nervous! I had my going away party yesterday with my whole family.
I guess my dream job is to run an Arts summer camp for at risk youth where we teach prevention/intervention, pro-social behaviors, and substance abuse treatment through the arts. I really like working with at risk youth and then theater is my first love so anything that lets me do both is my dream job.
At 7:44pm on September 1, 2009, Kaaren said…
That's so funny because we are the same way. We talk about things that are totally out there. None of my family has filters. I had a brother who was seven years older than me but he died in 2002. My mother also had a baby girl before I was born who died of SIDS. So, out of three, I am the only one left. Talk about pressure.
I have lived on the same farm for my whole life except for a few months of college. My husband and I bought a piece of the farm from my mom and built a house on it. My town is really small. In my school district there were 492 kids in kindergarten through 12th grade. We had the biggest senior class in 40 years and there were only 38 of us. I don't really like going to school in a small town but living in one is ok. It takes about 25 minutes to get anywhere to shop or work or anything like that which can be a hassle but I love our farm.
At 6:30pm on September 1, 2009, Kaaren said…
Ok, so I found you on facebook I think.
So did you grow up in a city and then move to a small town?
How many siblings do you have?
My family is really outgoing too and crazy. We have the weirdest dinner conversations ever. And my family is one of those families that think: the more the merrier. We have random people at our farm all the time, and anyone is welcome to eat with us! We always make too much food anyway.
At 3:31pm on September 1, 2009, Kaaren said…
Sorry, I got distracted by the kids and wrote that twice! : )
At 3:30pm on September 1, 2009, Kaaren said…
Jo Koy is one of our favorites! My husband and I love him and quote him all the time. Then my mom was all "what is that from?" and then we showed her and now she does it with us. Our favorite is the part about his mom and the Wii because we have a Wii and my mom loves to kick our butts at tennis! I am totally in love with Dane Cook, I think that guys with scars are super sexy (I also like Chris Pine).
That's cool about your mom and her spirituality. My friend is really into Sylvia Brown and she even went to see her in Seattle. My mom is into crystals and her wife is very spiritual too. She has little offerings all around the house and she burns sage. Sometimes I think it is a little silly but I was raised to be open and understanding of people. It seems like your family is the same way. That's really cool because sometimes my family is hard to explain. : )
That rainbow sounds amazing and not to get all spiritual on you but that sounds like a totally awesome sign!!!
I love nature and I am going to miss my farm. We have 22 acres and we raise beef cattle and we have a horse. My husband wants chickens too so while I am gone he is going to build a chicken coop. We used to have peacocks but a cougar moved into our woods a few years back and feasted on them.
So its just the two of us at Magee huh? Well good thing we got to know one another then. : ) I wonder what orientation will be like if it is such a small group. Hopefully it won't be boring and inside the whole time!
By the way do you have a facebook?
So do you have a facebook?
At 2:19pm on August 31, 2009, Kaaren said…
I love Jo Koy! He is one of my favorites!!! I also like Dane Cook and Kyle Cease and Jeff Dunham. There were no girls on my wrestling team, only me, and in the 6 years that I wrestled, I never had to wrestle a girl. There were only guys on the other teams too. In middle school there was a girl but she was 75 pounds so we weren't in the same weight class.
Maybe you will meet a nice Irish guy! That would be really cool! I'm glad that you got out of that bad relationship, it didn't sound healthy at all. I have had a relationship like that as well, it's hard to get out of.
I have letters from all my doctors already and Wednesday I have a colonoscopy! Yeah! I have to get everything checked out before I go so there won't be any problems. Even though I have letters I am still pretty worried about customs. I have a lot of medication. Lol. Like almost half my carry on.
Are you on the first Twilight book? I have read them all multiple times and I am obsessed. I only live a few hours away from Forks and the scenery in the movie is pretty much accurate for how it looks out here. It is so green and beautiful! I have a mama dear and her twins that live in my backyard and like to look through my sliding glass door. I am going to miss that while in Ireland, though it is pretty green there too.
I leave on Thursday morning and arrive on Friday! I can't wait to meet you either, it is going to be so nice to actually know someone when we get there. Do you know how many of us there will be at orientation?
At 11:32am on August 31, 2009, Kaaren said…
Sorry it takes me forever to get back to you! You may already be in Ireland now...
I am 22 years old so probably not that much older than you or maybe the same age. I have been married since I was 18 and it was the best decision I ever made. My husband is my best friend and he supports me in whatever I want to do, obviously, lol, as I am going to live in a different country without him for five months. My favorite color is green, anything and everything green. I am a dog person and I have two of them Molli, a border collie-huskey mix and Petunia, a black lab. I am ok with spiders but I am terrified of snakes! Even small garden snakes make me squeal. I have too many favorites movies because I love them! My friend and I see so many movies together it is insane. I love comedy and especially stand up comedy, I love romantic "chick flick" movies and I don't do horror very well. Fear is not a feeling I relish. I love a good action flick but it has to have a good plot and keep me interested otherwise watching cars blow up isn't that fun. I played three sports through school: volleyball, wrestling, and softball. Right now I dance and do water aerobics mostly. I have a number of medical conditions that limit me somewhat. I have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a panic disorder, and asthma. I take eight prescribed medications so getting through customs should be interesting. Two of my medications are controlled substances in the UK too! Yah me!
I too am sarcastic and sometimes people don't catch on to that right away. They think I am being serious when I am not. So on that I think we are pretty similar. I don't really have a filter. I was raised to be open and ask questions and not to be scared of things so I tend to get myself in trouble sometimes by asking things or saying things that make some people uncomfortable. I don't mean to do it, it just comes out, like diarrhea of the mouth. Being a musical theater major I love show tunes but I listen to everything but rap and heavy metal. I like country, hip hop, jazz, rock, really anything. I love reading! I am a total bookworm, and my husband is not, lol, so it tends to drive him a little crazy. I want him to read the books I do so that we can talk about them but he isn't interested. That's what my other best friend is for. We have our own little two person book club. Right now, for the next week at least, I am a nanny for three kids. It is awesome and this has been one of my best summers because I get paid to hang around and play all day. I am so tanned and I haven't been for a long time! :)
At the beginning of the summer I quit my job with the school district, much to my mothers dismay, so that I could take the summer to get ready for Ireland. The nanny job came a few days later so it worked out perfectly!
Anyway, I guess I have written quite a bit too so I will stop now. I can't wait, 10 more days till I leave! Are you already there?
At 11:24pm on August 20, 2009, Kaaren said…
My housing preference was the same but there is still the possibility of ending up with a roomate. After 4 years of marriage that is going to be a very hard transition for me.
I too, rarely wear the same top in a one week period. Pants is another thing but I like to have options as well. The thing I have most of is personal hygiene products. I have really sensitive skin and I don't want to go through finding products that work for me over there. Instead I am taking 5 month supplies of facial products, deoderant, hypo-allergenic make-up, contact solution, and such.
So, I realized the other day that I don't know much about you. My husband was asking me questions about you and I couldn't answer half of them. So, what is your favorite color? Movie? Animal? What makes you, you?
At 1:33pm on August 15, 2009, Kaaren said…
I repacked as well and I have almost everything into a medium checked bag, a small carry on, and my personal item which is my breifcase with my laptop. I am just going to pack my purse so I don't have to worry about it. The thing that is worrying me the most at this point is the fact that we don't know our living situations. I am a very space oriented person, I have to have my own space where I can have as much creative chaos as I want. This is going to be hard with a roommate and especially not if they aren't tolerant. Also, my husband is planning on visiting and I need to know what he is going to do if I have a roommate. It's funny, I have been packed for almost a month now and I have everything pretty much ready but I don't feel prepared at all! I'm not sure that I am ever going to feel prepared but it is driving me crazy!
At 2:47pm on August 13, 2009, Kaaren said…
Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Things have been crazy. Did you get the email from Chris that said what our luggage requirements are? It says that we can't take more than a medium sized checked luggage and a small carry on, and a personal item! I don't know how I am going to do it! With my camera and all my dance shoes and stuff I am going to be very hard pressed to get everything to fit! I can't believe I leave in 28 days! It finally hit my mom yesterday! It was pretty funny, she called me all in a panic and she started freaking out because she wasn't going to be able to call me or see me whenever she wants! My husband and I live next door so she is pretty spoiled in that sense! How are your parents holding up?

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