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Hey guys!
I'm not sure how freaking excited you all are about going to St. Andrew's, but i'm getting ready to explode!!
I have been making preparation after preparation and all i want to do is just be there already!  So, do any of you know whether or not you'll be taking the group flight? I am!
Also,  I just found out recently that I am living in Regulus Hall, where is everyone else rooming?
Hello from Michigan!

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Hi, Lauren! Thanks for getting this discussion started. I'll be flying to Edinburgh independently so I'll see you guys when we all meet up at the hotel. Also, I'll be living in the David Russell Apartments, Lindsay House. Probably a long shot, but are any of you living there too?

Looking forward to meeting everybody!
Hey guys,

I'll be flying into EDI independently as well. I'm going to be living in McIntosh Hall. Anyone living there? Looking forward to meeting everybody! See you all in a few weeks!

hello hello, i am flying with the group and will be in new hall. going to be sweet!!
Hey, so far as I know its only you and me group flying lol, cant wait to meet you!
I'm going on the group flight too and also living in St Regulus. Can't wait to get there!
Awesome! I'm excited that we'll have a group together to fly with, definitely makes the 10 hour flight a bit more bearable!
Hey everybody! I'll be flying independently, but I'm going to be there a day earlier. If anybody else is planning on being there a day or two earlier let me know, maybe we could meet up and be completely lost together! Also I'm living in the David Russell Apartments.

Can't wait to meet everyone!
Hi everyone, my name is Meg and I am going on the group flight from NY as well!! I will be living in David Russel Apartments, but is anyone else living there? Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and can't wait to meet all of you!

- Meg
Hello again everyone!

Looks like a few of us are living in DRA. Just thought I'd let you know that there is a Facebook group called "David Russell Apartments and Fife Park Residents 2010/2011." Some of us might be able to find out who our flatmates are before we arrive.

Two weeks until Scotland...
Hey I'll be getting into Edinburgh at around 10 15 on the 14th!! My flight is British Airways 1438
10 15 AM that is...
hey alaina...i'm on british airways 1438 too. maybe we can split a cab to the hotel?


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