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Hey! Anyone studying at University of Westminster in the spring?

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Yeah I am!! It's going to be awesome!
Me and my roommate are too!!! :D
YEA!!! U of W Spring '09!
So who's going on the group flight out of new york and what time are they getting to new york? I'll prob be there sometime in the early afternoon
I'm going to be at UW in the Spring too. I'm also on the group flight out of JFK - I'll probably be there somewhere around the same time in the early afternoon. This semester is going to be great.
Is everyone taking the group flight out of JFK too?
Marylborne, or however you spell it.
I'm in Wigram.
I'm in Harrow Hall baby!!!
Yeah. I'm doing an internship! And I'm at Harrow as well.
hey. did any of you study at the regents campus in westminster? I am heading out in 2009 for a year. what is it like? got any pointers?


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