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Who's studying here this spring? I'm so excited!

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I can't wait! London is going to be amazing!
I'm so excited too!! What did y'all put down for first preference housing?? I put IFSA-Butler housing, anyone else??
I put down UCL self-catering housing cause it's a great way to interact with the British students living there.
I put IFSA- Butler housing as well, I haven't received where i'm going to live yet though, have any of you?
No. I don't think we find out until we're actually in London.
I put down UCL housing too. I'm fine with anything, but I'd prefer not to have a big commute to campus every day.
Laurel! You're going to UCL too? No way!
Sarah- that's so amazing! We're totally going to have to hang out or something.
I'm spending the semester at UCL. With any luck I'll be in the UCL self-catering housing.
Is anyone else flying with the group from JFK to London?
I am!
Me too!


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