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Hey! So I thought I would make a discussion about packing! Just so everyone can hopefully have an easier time packing! Leave any tips you have on what to pack, how to pack, etc! Don't be afraid to be specific either!

I plan bringing
Couple pairs of Jeans
Couple pairs of Shorts
Dress clothes
Couple Swimsuits
Towels/ sheets
Lotion, SPF (I have heard it is really expensive there..)
Any other necessities such as Shampoo, Conditioner, Razors
You are allowed to bring full size liquids as long as you do not pack them on your carry on
Also you may want to tape the top of your liquids down to avoid them getting over anything else they are packed with!

This is just off the top of my head if I think of others I will add a comment later!

Its almost time yyaayy :)

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its good to put any liquids in a ziplock bag in case they do get mashed and break open.

i also think rolling clothes rather than folding them may save space in your luggage

anyone bringing a laptop?
Yeah I am bringing mine because I am not sure how crowded the computer labs will be there, better safe then sorry!
yea am def bringing my laptop and external hard drive which is basically my life with all my music and movies and everything lol...

I was reading somewhere that often the computer labs are crowded and close early so it is a good idea to bring laptops so that you can work around those problems. So i would say its the best bet to bring a laptop
i heard the same exact thing so thought itd be a good idea. is anyone bringing a voltage converter or does the brick on the power cord do that for you?
I think you still need a converter but I am not sure! Did you ever find out the answer to that?


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