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So what classes is everyone taking or at least think they are taking?

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well I got approved for 5 classed, 1 class says (in progress which I don't know what that means), and when I went to enroll all my classes interfere with each I don't really know how to fix that it's not like I can move the class to fit my needs lol.

In response to your last post Alex I was hoping to take 5 to stay on track for graduation but it seems that may be really difficult at this point!!
I know they told us at Rider to only take 4 classes because on average the Australian student only takes 4 classes. With most of the classes your taking your taking the lecture at one time and the tutorial later on in the day so your schedule could get pretty busy. Also, in Australia the classes are worth 4 credits as opposed to the 3 credits our classes are worth at least at my school so by taking 4 classes I will still be ahead by 1 credit for the semester.
oh wow I knew that each class was 4 credits, but I didn't know they transferred back to our home university like that! Thats awesome because then I will be 1 credit ahead like you...if I get my classes figured out lol
I was told they do and from my friends who have already gone with Butler have gotten the full 4 credits for each class.
awesome :) Then I will only be taking 4 lol


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