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Cultural Engagement Program - Mérida, Mexico - Fall 2012


Cultural Engagement Program - Mérida, Mexico - Fall 2012

“Global leaders search for ‘what they don’t know they don’t know.'”


Welcome to the IFSA-Butler Cultural Integration Program (CIP) Mérida!


You probably have your own reasons for studying abroad—ranging from just wanting to get away to specifically connecting your study abroad experience to defined career plans to wanting to work toward fluency in a second (or third) language (and we’re sure there are more examples).


Beyond those reasons, IFSA encourages you to make the most out of your study abroad experience.  In fact, research carried out by faculty in management* reveals that several of the attributes considered essential for today’s global leaders are attributes that can be fostered through a study abroad experience. 


The quote above, from a write-up of that study, reflects one of those attributes—inquisitiveness.  The others are perspective, character, and savvy.  The IFSA Cultural Integration Program (CIP) is designed to help you capitalize on your senses of inquisitiveness and perspective as defined by the study. 


Through a series of reflective exercises that begin in pre-departure, continue on-site, and follow you upon you return home, the CIP will guide you through the process of making the most of your study abroad experience and will culminate in your receiving the Cultural Integration Certificate.



*(Black, J. Stewart, Morrison, Allen J., Gregersen, Hal B., Global Explorers: the next generation of leaders.  New York: Routledge (1999)

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