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Hey, is anyone else going to Stirling in the fall?

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Hi Julie,

I'll be going to Stirling in the fall. I just figured out that this networking site existed, and in the process of trying to navigate it I found your forum. Anyway, what are you planning on studying while you're there?

Oh hey Lauren! Good to see another Stirling person. I'm an English/Creative Writing major and I'll be taking an English class, a Linguistics class, and a French class. What about you?

Have you already received your class schedule? I'm not sure what classes I'll be in yet. I'm an Environmental Studies major and their selection was pretty limited, but I picked 4 Ecology/Environmental Science classes and 2 Psychology classes as my top 6 choices. I just don't know which 3 I'll be in yet.

So where in the U.S. are you from?

Oh no I haven't gotten my class schedule yet! I wanted to switch some of my choices of classes since I'm changing my major and the woman from the registrar there happened to tell me the other classes I was currently registered for so that I'd know I'd successfully switched out of the other one. But I don't even know if that's for certain. I'm anxious to know what times and days the classes end up being, but also what our housing is!  Oh and I'm from Connecticut but I go to school at Susquehanna University in PA. Where are you from?
Whew, I was afraid I missed something in the mail. And yeah, I'd like to know about our housing as well. I'm from California, but I got to school at Evergreen in Washington(State). I'm starting to get really excited about our little three-day stay in Edinburgh. Have you seen the hotel we're staying at? It looks pretty amazing. Are you flying their with the group flight or on your own?
I just looked up the hotel now, wow, that may be the only time this semester I stay at a luxury hotel haha! It looks so nice. And yep, I'm flying with the group flight, or suggested flight as they say since there's not enough of us. I booked it on my own though and not through the travel agency, but I'll still be going with the group back to the hotel. What about you?

I was actually able to find a flight that was a little cheaper getting in on Aug 30th. So I'll get there a day early and stay at a hostel and then meet up with you guys at the hotel on the 31st. Do you happen to know how many people there are in our group?

Oh ok! I have no idea how many other people there are in our group but I'm curious to know. Are you flying straight from California to Scotland?
No, I'll actually be flying from Seattle to Amsterdam, and then from Amsterdam to Edinburgh. Should be interesting..
That's weird, it won't let me reply to your last one. Wow Amsterdam, that's really cool though. Have a good flight then, and see you Wednesday!
Yeah, will do. You have a good flight as well. See you soon :)

Hi Lauren and Julie,

I'm in the application process to study abroad in Stirling in Spring 2012, and I stumbled upon your conversation about being in Stirling this fall :)  I was hoping that maybe you could tell me about your housing?  I'm not sure how to figure out how to rank housing preferences on the forms, and thought maybe you would have some helpful information!  I hope you are loving your semester so far!



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