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Just curious if anyone else is studying at St. Andrews for the Fall 2012 semester? I haven't been able to find other groups. Hope I'm not the only one!

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I'm studying at St. Andrews in Fall 2012! It's nice to find someone else going.

Ahh awesome! Are you taking the group flight? 

I'm not. I'm leaving here on August 29 -- my mom, brother, and I are going to spend some time in London and Edinburgh before the program starts. Are you on the group flight?

That sounds great! I'm actually going to fly out of Dulles and catch the group flight that leaves from Heathrow. There was no sense in me flying to JFK...might as well get rid of that extra leg!

That makes sense! The plane ride is long enough without adding a third plane to the mix! Have you looked at classes at St. Andrews yet?

Yep! I'm looking into a sustainable development course, topics in finance for economics, and maybe Foundations of Human Social Life. I hope I get into those. What about you? Also, do you know when we find out about housing?

Oh cool! There are two Anthropology courses I'm really interested in taking -- one on indigenous peoples and resource management and another on Amerindian language and culture. I'm hoping they save spots for us! I'm not sure about housing. I'm assuming some time in August, because I think they said we'd hear before we arrive.

I can't wait to find out where I'll be living! I just finished the pre-advising module selection and now I'm waiting for the go-ahead on the matriculation process. 

So, I just checked my flight itinerary and it looks like I'm only allowed to bring one free checked bag. What a note!

Same boat! And it's a 50 pound limit, but I'm limiting myself to less than that so there's room to bring stuff back. Going to be a laundry-filled semester.


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