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Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone is heading to London to study at Queen Mary this Fall (either the semester or the year) ~

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I'm planning on taking 3 film classes (one in script-writing, one in 60s French cinema, and one in 00s British cinema) and one English class (18th century London literature). A couple of classes I had approved weren't being offered this year too, but I had enough courses approved for a semester plus a few alternates, so I should be fine. What about you?

Have you been watching any of the Olympics? It's been exciting to see some of the famous London sights on TV!

I'm signed up for Introductory German (for the year), and two drama (Applied Performances and Adaptions) and one history (A century of extremes in Germany) for the fall, and two history (WWI and Cold War America) and one drama (a group practical project) for the spring semester!

I had a lot of alternates, but it's hard with the scheduling because it seems that only my Drama classes were on the timetable - everything else didn't have a set time :/

The olympics have been great! I've only watched a few events, like swimming, rowing, and track and field. Can't wait to be there!!! Kind of wish I was there right now!

Those sound like some good choices. Most of my classes didn't have a set time either.

I kind of wish I was there right now too! There seemed to be a lot of great energy in the Olympic crowds that I hope carries over into our time there.

I started packing today, and I was doing well until I got up to my sweaters. They take up so much room! How many clothes are you planning to take?

Hahaha well, I didn't get into Applied Performances, but I'm hoping for Shakespeare after Shakespeare as my second choice! No word back on my history/german courses yet!

Sweaters do take up sooo much space. I've managed to pack quite a few though - most of my sweaters are fairly thin and I like to layer ~ I've packed one duffel with fall and wintry clothes, as well as a few of my dresses.

i'm packing just a little of everything; i'll probably end up shopping while i'm there, so i'm focusing on just getting a few things that are casual and easy to take care of. jeans, leggings, shorts, tshirts & workout clothes, day dresses that i could potentially use for night, layering pieces so i can wear things through the year.

are you planning on buying a fresher's pass? it's £39,99 through qmsu and it sounds good since you can get into all of the events!

Oh, I haven't heard about any of my courses yet.

How much luggage are you planning to take/What other types of bags are you using?

I've almost filled a large suitcase with jeans, pants, pajamas, workout clothes, t-shirts, dresses, skirts, tanks, sweaters, and jackets. I might have to cut back though because I haven't put in my shoes and underwear yet ~ haha

I didn't know about the fresher's pass. What is it? What does it include?

I'm thinking of bringing my duffel bag and a small suitcase - but that will be mostly empty. I have a bag for the plane too, and it's a bit larger than a backpack, but I don't plan on packing much in it.

it's like two weeks of parties ~ and there's a boat ball :)

Okay, so are you only packing clothes? I was trying to just bring a large suitcase and a backpack, but I may have to fill my duffel bag too.

It looks like a great deal for the amount of events they are, and it looks like the events sell out. Are you thinking of getting one?

yup! i'm basically bringing clothes . . . and i'm still deciding about shoes! are you packing anything else?

oh, and i might bring my shin guards and cleats, just in case, but they don't take up much room.

yeah, i think i'm gonna get one ~ it'd be a good way to get to know people and the area too! and it sounds like fun. the boat party isn't included on it (that alone is £21) but it sounds like so much funnn!

I'm still deciding on how many shoes to take, but I'm at least taking my rain boots, sneakers, and a pair of flats. I'm bringing my laptop, a few books and DVDs, journal/notebooks, my contact lenses and solution, prescription medications, some makeup and travel-size toiletries and possibly some school supplies if I can fit them. Oh, and my umbrella, of course, and maybe a set of towels and sheets. But right now all I have room for is my clothes. :/

Yeah, exactly what I was thinking. I was just trying to buy one, but I can't seem to find any link for it, and I've registered on the site. Are you going to do the boat party too?

hahaha yeah my laptop will go in my carry-on. i've got two pairs of pumps, flip flops, and sneaks.

i'm thinking about getting the pass. i'm not sure yet, cos if i don't go to any events it'd be a waste. i would rather just splurge for the boat party :)

Yeah, if I had to choose between them, I think I would pick the boat party. While the pass seems like a good deal, I don't know if I would go to all the events.

Agh I just wanna know where we're living already!!!! 25 days til our flight we have to find out soon! I won't even hope to find out over the weekend . . . maybe on monday . . .

i'll probs go to a few events, but i think, just paying the cover charge for those few events will be the path for me ~


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