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Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone is heading to London to study at Queen Mary this Fall (either the semester or the year) ~

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Me too!! It seems like a lot of the British students already know, so maybe we'll find out in the next week?!?

That sounds like a good plan. I'll probably do that too.

sweet! let's hang out at the boat party hahahahhaha

yeah, i really want to know! just so it seems more concrete ~ like i know where i'll be staying so it won't be like i'm going to london . . . i'll be going to whatever suite i'm in hahahahahaha

it's sounds weird, i know. also, i want to know if anybody else is going to queen mary this year . . .

No, I understand. It'll definitely feel more real once we know where we'll be living and what we'll be studying.

Yeah, like we can't be the only ones. I guess we'll find out on the group flight and orientation.

i mean, there's gonna be other students going to london and the uk in general. there were a bunch of schools listed on our group flight, but i wonder how many people will be at queen mary with us ~ hahaha can't wait for orientations either ~ i'm living for these email updates!

I know! Whenever I get those e-mails, they make my day ~ haha

hahaha i always get really excited when i see one because it just marks how close we are to leaving!!

Did you find out your rooming assignment today?? I'm in 10F Pooley House!

Yeah, I'm in 07C Feilden House!


sweet!! i'm so excited! two weeks to go!!!

Ah, I know! I just want to leave already ~ haha

13 days, 13 days! I wanna know who we're living with too . . .

Yeah, me too! I hope I live with some Brits.


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