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Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone is heading to London to study at Queen Mary this Fall (either the semester or the year) ~

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Hi Samantha! I'll be studying at Queen Mary this fall.

Great!! Are you staying for the year? (And are you taking the group flight?)

No, I'm just staying for the fall semester, but I am taking the group flight.

Yay! I expect we'll meet officially then ~ where are you coming from? I'm staying for the year ~

Nice! I'll be driving to Newark airport, since I'm only coming from the suburbs of Philadelphia.

OMG we're really close! I live in Easton Pa! I'm about an hour from Philly! I'll be driving too hahaha ~

Oh cool! Yeah, I'm from King of Prussia.

By the mall? Hahaha I've never been out there but everyone says it's good.

So what classes are you planning on taking?

Yes, I live less than 10 minutes from it, and it is really good. I'm planning on taking a mix of film and English classes, because I'm a film major and English minor at my home university. What about you?

I'll be studying theatre and history, and taking some german classes as well. Any sports or clubs you're looking into?

Not sure yet, I'll have to see what they have, but if they have them, I might look into a film club or tennis club. What might you look into?

I'm definitely looking at the theatre club and I'll be rowing too! It's just hard to work everything out right now since they haven't given us our schedules yet! I don't even know if I got into any of my classes ~

I also can't wait to find out our housing abroad! I've been looking at it nonstop but I don't have any favourite places yet ~


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