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Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone is heading to London to study at Queen Mary this Fall (either the semester or the year) ~

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Hahaha I think we will. Both places are for associate students like us, foundation students, and freshman ~

eleven days!!!!

did you know we were only allowed one checked in bag? i just found out today . . . it's expensive for extra bags but i can't fit everything in one suitcase!!

Yeah, I did know, but I think my parents are willing to pay the fee for an extra bag because I can't fit everything into one suitcase either, and they limit how much baggage you can take on board the plane.

yup ~ i'm paying for the extra bag. there's just no way i can fit an entire year's worth of clothing into one bag. plus half of my clothes are training clothes hahahahaha maybe i should cut down on the spandex . . .

haha ~ Have you started packing yet?

yup! i'm almost done now ~ just adding more stuff . . . i'm actually on a frantic search for my cellphone now . . . so packing has ceased for a bit ~ hahaha


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