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Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone is heading to London to study at Queen Mary this Fall (either the semester or the year) ~

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No, I don't need one because I'm studying there for less than six months, and I'm not planning on working while I'm there.

Have you been to England before? Any specific sights in London you want to see?

I haven't been to England before, and I do want to see the Eye (though the biggest is in Singapore :) ) I know there are events I want to attend, like I'm hopefully going to be able to see the Oxford/Cambridge Boat Race, and if I train a lot there's a small chance I could race at Henley (though I'd definitely still go see it!!)

I'd probably like to see everything London has to offer, like, the usual tourist-y spots.

And the pubs.

I haven't either, and I want to see the Eye too. The boat race is in the spring, right? I would love to see that if I was there, and that would be great if you could participate.

I think I'd probably also go around and see some sites outside of London too, and I believe IFSA runs a trip for us somewhere ~

Yes, they take up to the Lake District in Northern England for a weekend, and they take us on a couple day trips outside of London, but they haven't told us where yet.

Those should be fun! There should be lots to do on and around campus ~ I'm hoping that we'll all get housing at QM and not through IFSA . . . mainly because I don't want to commute, and it'd kinda lose some of the experience of being there

I agree. While the Tube is convenient, it's also really expensive. I also want to get to know some QM students, especially the British and International ones, and they only house American students in the IFSA housing. However, the IFSA housing is in a really nice area.

Really? I haven't looked at it yet because I know I would cry if I wasn't on campus ~ I mean, I live 5 minutes from college now and I still live on campus and life is completely different.

Though, it might not be to bad if you're in a big city, but still, that's an hour of travel out of your day.

Commuting is not fun. I go to school in New York and when I want to go to the city and get around it. It's very time-consuming.

The IFSA housing is in Notting Hill, which about 30 minutes away from campus.

Yeah, I'd prefer not to commute!

But so far, it seems as though there aren't many Queen Mary students this year, and for the most part, people who have gone in the past were roomed on campus ~ As a last resort we might be at IFSA housing ~

I think no matter what though, once I get there I won't complain too much! IFSA housing is probably better and easier than living with a host family ~ I'd feel bad if I had to live with a host family because I tend to stay out late ~


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