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Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone is heading to London to study at Queen Mary this Fall (either the semester or the year) ~

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Yeah, I really want to know if I got into the classes I requested, but I got the impression that we might not find out until we get there, which is kind of frustrating. I also really want to know where I'm living. I love that they have mostly single rooms with their own bathrooms.

Same! I kinda want to be able to see what my days are going to look like ahead of time! Especially because I'm planning on travelling on a few weekends already so I want to know if I have any free days.

I also love that it's all suite style housing! I can't wait to have a kitchen, even if I have to share a bathroom ~

I want to travel on a few weekends too. Where are you planning on going?

Edinburgh, Munich, Navarre, and Milan. Though I might do Munich/Ulm/Berlin over spring break and do a weekend in Paris instead ~ the train prices aren't too bad either!

I'm definitely thinking about Edinburgh and Paris too.

Definitely! Anywhere else you thought of heading?

I definitely want to explore more of the UK. I'd like to do some day trips outside of London and go over to Ireland. If I have the time and money, I would go anywhere between Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, and Austria.

Oh yes, I forgot about Ireland! If I have the money I'll be in the Netherlands in the spring, but I'm trying to save because I'm staying overseas for the summer as well!

My friend told me about Budapest and how amazing it was, so maybe there too ~

Are you planning on flying home right when the semester ends?

That's awesome! Right now, I've scheduled to come back when the semester ends because I was told that the university won't provide housing after the program ends, but I did want to stay a few extra days.

That's true ~ hahaha they're quick to throw us out of the country!

Yeah, even when we give them lots of money. haha

Yup! Although, you don't need a student visa do you? Or are you planning on working while you're there ~


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