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Hi !

I am wondering if anyone else on here is planning on studying abroad in Peru this upcoming fall (or for the whole year!).

Also, anyone who has already studied through this program and would be willing to give me some feedback I would love to speak with!


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Hey! I am going in the fall!

Yo! I'll be going in the Fall for the entire year.

I'll be there in the fall! I can't believe it's only a few months away!

I almost went to Peru but went to London instead.  Looking forward to hearing about your guys' adventures.  Have you set up a blog yet?  I am using Tumblr (blogger sucks now) but was wondering if there was anything else out that was better.  Recently heard about, it looks interesting.

Also, how are people packing? In a suitcase, duffel bag etc

I'm going in the fall too!

Me too! Can't wait!

I'll be in Peru this fall! Hope to meet you there!

Hi guys! I've already been in Peru for about a week and a half now (my college is requiring me to spend 4 weeks at the El Sol language academy) and I will be down here through the fall semester.  If anybody has any questions about anything specific down here feel free to ask, I'll be more than happy to answer! Can't wait for everyone to join me down here!


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