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For students traveling to London, England for the fall semester, 2011. I'll be at King's College and I'm super excited. Anyone else going to be in London?

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Hey! I will also be studying at King's this year! Are you going for the full year or just fall?
i am also going to Kind's and i am so so excited!
I will be in London attending Queen Mary! Is anyone else looking into alternatives to campus housing? I am going the full year and am considering off campus housing. Just curious if any fellow future Londoners are in the same boat. I would be excited to hear about it!
I'll be at the Univ of Westminster!
I will be studying at King's College too!  I am also so excited.  What housing did everyone get?
Yay! So glad to get some responses on this! I am going to be living at the Great Dover Apartments in Southwark. I am just going for the fall semester -- studying History, Anthropology and Political Science. Where is everyone from?
I'm going to London, studying at SOAS - Univ. of London.  I don't know anyone going there though!


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