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I was just wondering if anyone will be attending GSA this spring. I'm new to this page, forum, thing so meeting anyone going would be cool. =)

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I will be! And I'm super excited, to say the least. What program in GSA are you doing?
Communications for graphic design and illustration. How about you?
dang, not the same...product design. do you know how many study abroaders there are for gsa?
I think I'm the only one going from UT at Austin - apparently my art school only promotes summer studies in Tuscany and nowhere else. =(

have you already bought your plane ticket?
yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm one of the only ones from skidmore college in ny...I'll find out this weekend though, we've got a pre-or. that sucks about only summer studies; although tuscany is gorgeous, so are other places! congrats on getting your school to bend the rules a bit to get to gsa.

yeah, I got it but I'm not taking the group only departs from washington dc, apparently? what about you?

and wait, I just realized....are you taking two studio courses?!
I just bought my ticket last night and I'm not doing the group flight either, but I will be arriving a day early because of the $200 difference.

2 studio courses? Are you talking about the GD and illustration thing? Because I don't have the slightest clue how gsa works when it comes to registration. Do you know?
yeah seriously, I'm sure it's not difficult to find a way to get to the orientation.

so from what I understand, we take one studio course (4 days a week for 12 credits) and the one historical and critical studies course (1 day a week, 3~5 credits), and that makes up our schedule. I think it's like whatever department you're accepted into (for me, it's product design) is the studio course you're going to end up taking. that's what I read on ifsa's site...or at least that's what I'm getting credit for!
Geeze, we'll be in Scotland this weekend. Are you ready for it?
WEIRD. It hit me two days ago that I should probably start packing. I can't believe its so soon!
I know! I'm starting my packing process today - mainly because my dad wants me packed and ready, out the door no later than the day before my trip. =) good luck with your flight!
Same! and you too, hopefully we won't get snowed in!


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