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So what classes is everyone taking or at least think they are taking?

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I am not sure which exact classes I am taking but here are the classes I have been approved my final schedule will include some, but not all of these:

Introduction to Multimedia
Genealogy of Rock and Pop
Introduction to Marketing
Love, Sex and Truth
Popular Music&Cultural Context
Furniture Design

I was reeaaallllyyy hoping they had an elective class (which is all I am taking over there) on surfing! One that could be counted as a physical ed. credit and that would teach you how to surf!! I was so bummed to find out they didn't lol
I'm approved for a bunch of stuff - some journalism course, global security, dilemmas in international relations, contemporary Australian writing, some sort of econ class etc...

im hoping to take some sort of aboriginal studies course too
I'm hoping to take intro to marketing, food and wine of australia, international business and a tourism class. Maybe i'll have the marketing class with you chelsea
what do you mean by approved for? i had to get my home school to look at the classes i might take, but i havent heard anything about classes from griffith yet...should i have?
I had to send in a list of 10 Griffith classes when I sent in my application to study at Griffith and then I received an email telling me which classes I was approved to take while at Griffith. You might want to look into the classes they have the 09 schedule online now and maybe talk to your study abroad advisor at IFSA Butler.
that is exactly what I had to do as well!!! I think being approved just means you have taken classes at your home institute that can count for pre-reqs at Griffith. Definitely ask your adviser about it!

The food & wine class sounds interesting I didn't see that on the list anywhere, I wonder if I missed a section lol
yeah that is what i meant - but does anyone know when/how we actually do sign up?
I was just told we would get login information to Griffith University online at a later point and time lol I don't know anymore then that!
so i basically didnt get approved for any of the classes i wanted because they're all slightly advanced computer science classes and they don't think i have the prereqs for them even though i took all the prereqs at my school

so...anyone have any suggestions for some fun and easy classes to take that dont have prereqs?
ok does anyone else think this class thing is ridiculous. I only got approved for like half of my classes. so i took action to enroll in classes and most of my classes are full now so i'm kinda sol right now it seems. hopefully they will all figure out eventually. is anyone else having that problem?
I had that problem with my wine studies class i was initially only approved for 4 out of the 10 classes I picked but of course the wine studies class was full and I couldn't even get on the wait list and now I only have 3 classes I am enrolled in.
how many classes should we be taking? 4 or 5?


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